Scallop Pies

If there’s one thing you must do when visiting Tasmania it’s to have multiple scallop pies(especially at the Salamanca Market pictured below). View this post on Instagram Scallop pies. My favourite A post shared by Cha's Kitchen (@chaskitchen) on Oct 31, 2014 at 6:47pm PDT Traditionally, the pie is simply small scallops – roe on, … Continue reading Scallop Pies

Lamb Shank Pies

Lamb shanks are one of my favourite cuts of meat. Cheap(sometimes), tender when cooked right and they look gnarly.  When i’m home I love making lamb shank pies for my Dad, it’s legit his favourite. The bone sticking out really serves no purpose but it looks cool. You can skip the pastry part and this … Continue reading Lamb Shank Pies

Coffee in Portland

I don’t think it was until someone in NYC mentioned “Melbourne Style Coffee” that I realised how much of a coffee city I had grown up in. Now living in Portland I had been assured that ITS PRETTY MUCH LIKE A CITY MADE OUT OF FITZROY. Ok this is an overstatement, definitely some similarities with … Continue reading Coffee in Portland