Lamb leg schnitzel

Can you turn an entire lamb leg into a schnitzel? Yes… yes you ca. You will need 1 x Lamb leg (deboned) 500ml natural greek yoghurt Breadcrumbs Flour Few eggs You will need to 1. Bash out the lamb leg until it’s a this as you can get it without it falling apart. 2. Season … Continue reading Lamb leg schnitzel

Last minute pickles

I like pickles. I like cucumbers and I like putting something together at the last minute. Behold the last minute pickles. No they aren’t as delicious as proper fermented pickles but they are salty, sweet but still retain a heap of crunch and fresh flavour. They’re pretty much good on anything… and you can make … Continue reading Last minute pickles

Wild Boar Ragu

You know when you go to the market, see something and think I’M GOING TO BUY IT but then realize you don’t know what you’re going to cook with it, let alone if you’ll have time. Yeah so I saw Camel and Wild Boar and John Cesters at Prahran Market a few weeks back and … Continue reading Wild Boar Ragu