The WagonCheeseWheel.

4 thoughts on “The WagonCheeseWheel.”

  1. Hello person,

    Thank you very much for this suggestion. I made one as per your outline above and can indeed declare that its deliciousness knows no bounds.

    Did I ever tell you that deliciousness is the key to making delicious things? If I haven’t I’ll state it for you right now: ‘Deliciousness is the key to making delicious things.’ There, I’ve said it.

    I particularly liked the blue cheese filling. It was delicious. Here’s a fun fact about the colour blue: the colour blue is the colour of blue things.

    If you have any other delicious ideas, let me know and I will tell my colleagues all about how you’ve reinvented the Wagon Wheel. And then I will eat some more.

    Kind regards,
    Giles Fitzgerald
    Wagon Wheels Product Innovation Team.

    1. Hello Your eternal chocolate chocolate highness.
      Can i just call you the Oracle?

      I’m glad you enjoyed the WagonCheeseWheel, in Germany it is called Dem UnterKleinesKäserNichstChokoladeLeckerKeks and shares a cult following along with David Hasselhoff and efficient economic policy.

      I’m sure there will many more deliciouses (the delicious plural of delicious delicious things) for the wagon wheel. I can only assume that the Snail form the ad that was run in the 90’s is being held captive in a secret lair in preparation for either a comeback or addition into a garlic crusted french inspired “Le WagonWheel”.

      Keep up the important work, your nation is counting on you in this time of need.

      Kind regards person

      1. You may call me the Oracle, if it please you.
        You may also call me Giles Fitzgerald.
        You may also call me Brigadier Sofia Limpingfoot III, if you are confused.

        As a matter of fact, over the past ten years the snail has moved across my desk, and is now half way back from where it started, because it forgot its hat.

        Thank you for your kind words. They mean a lot to me. Especially because people usually stamp on my foot when saying hello to me.

        Yours sincerely,
        The Oracle (nee Giles Fitzgerald)

  2. Dear Oracle
    Brigadier? I see you play Call of Duty also, what is your best Killstreak?

    I’m glad to hear Claude is still around and anticipate his return to the big screen along with his saucy french accent – talk about WagonWheels nostalgia.

    I’m saddened that people step on your feet but alas i will tell you a story to mend your feelings. When the interweb was invented back in the 60’s by some nerdy US army scientists they were laughed at by all the GI Joes who planted semtex on their calculators and used protractors for shooting practice. Years Later when these heavily testosteroned GI’s realized what the Interweb was capable of (yes i am referring to inappropriate content and funny videos of cats on youtube) they praised the scientists and promised them eternal respect. When the Scientists sold the Interweb to Bill Gates and Jerry Seinfeld in 1993 they used the money to buy islands, and now live there sipping martinis surrounded by mounds of money and man beautiful ladies. And they lived happily ever after. The End

    I hope this finds you well.
    Sincerely person

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