Uzu – its French for yoghurt

3 thoughts on “Uzu – its French for yoghurt”

  1. dude, i had sushi there on the corner on tuesday, the rice was no good, and the handroll was really too small.

    Clayton says no
    -Yeah we know it’s a hole of a suburb, but when it comes to good sushi, good coffee, and academics, we’re pretty much out of your league.

    So go study business management and eat your MSG filled Asian dishes.

  2. charming.

    I will admit that the variety of cuisine offered at clayton is larger, but i feel its more oriented at covering the sheer number of students as opposed to focusing on quality. Prior to management leaving mamadukes, it was run by Sal Malatesta who is a coffee king. The standard may have dropped off but the quality is still among the best across the campuses (for your own sake dont go to peninsula campus).

    In regards to Sushi its down to personal preference, the sushi i found at CLayton had way to much rice and was overcooked, this coupled with westernized fillings made for over-sized gluggy sushi.

    I think the difference between the food offered at clayton compared to caulfield is its indented consumers, Because clayton campus is designed only for students and academics it doesn’t really need to aim very high. Whereas SOME of the outlets at Caulfield are trying to attract locals and commuters using Caulfield Station.

    But again its all up to personal taste and the campus to which you are based.

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